The Giants - Perth Festival

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A huge congratulations to all of the at The Perth International Arts Festival for getting this amazing production to Perth! I’m super envious I won’t be there to join in the fun… maybe a trip back to Perth is in order…

7 Ways They Could Totally Screw Up The New ‘Star Wars’ Movies

"Still more than a year away from its December 2015 release date, J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ is already generating a lot of excitement. But when adding to a series as classic as ‘Star Wars,’ the possibility of dropping the ball and upsetting fans is definitely going to be high. Here are so…"

2. Let the actors eat while on camera: Actors have to eat, but J.J. Abrams should be sure to explain to his cast that they can only have lunch while they are off camera.

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